360 degrees of Ayurveda

The holistic approach to your health

“Ayurveda 360 will help you discover a life full of happiness, love, purpose and vitality.” – Jo Formosa, founder

Ayurveda 360 is made up of a dedicated and educated team of natural therapy experts from across the globe who understand how the mind, body and soul are connected, and have decided to share this knowledge online in order to promote self-healing.

We will educate you on Ayurveda, your body type, what season of life you are in and how to overcome and avoid common issues of that season, as well as the healing powers of detoxification.

Why the name Ayurveda 360?

·       360 – There are 360 subtle variations of the pulse that are indicators to underlying physiological imbalances that can cause chronic and acute disease.

·       3 – In Ayurvedic teachings, there are three body types; vata, pitta and kapha.

·       6 – Our body reacts to the six tastes; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent.

·       0 – At Ayurveda 360 our aim is to make sure you have zero diseases or pain.

What we offer you:

1.     Education and guidance on foods that promote wellness, detoxing, alternative therapies and treatments, recipes and a blog that is inspirational and informative.

2.     Experience from a passionate team who live and breathe Ayurvedic medicine and understand the concepts of the science of life; from what you eat to what your genetic makeup is, to what season you live in.

3.     Freedom from a mindset that could potentially be making you sick, stressed or unhappy.


We have strong and supportive relationships with Western medicine doctors who we work closely with to achieve a holistic approach to your health and wellness. But we are passionate about tapping into the unlimited sources of natural resources that we have access to in order to help you regain an emotional and physical balance.


Ayurveda is proven to help.

Who would benefit from Ayurveda 360?

·       People who don’t know where to start when it comes to getting on the path to great health and wellness.

·       People who feel they have tried everything.

·       Those who know something just isn’t quite right in their life.

·       You feel tired, lethargic and lack drive.

·       People who don’t want to follow a diet but want to eat right for their body type.

·       People with digestive complaints, weight concerns or chronic sinus.

·       Suffers of anxiety and depression and those with mental fatigue.

·       Chronically-ill people who have been prescribed drugs for the rest of their life.


Find out more about the Ayurveda 360 Detox and Detox Yoga programs now and start living the life you love.

Got a question? We’d love to hear it…email us at info@ayurveda360.com.au

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