Just 2 days of soups to cleanse your body can leave you feeling amazing…

I was on the Today Extra show with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell on Channel 9 this week (see link below) so thought I’d elaborate a little here on the blog. On the show we talked about soups and how great they are for cleansing. (There’s a link to the segment from the show at the bottom of this page if you’re interested).

Soups are a feel good food, there’s no doubt about it. Remember when you were sick in the past and you had your Mum’s or Grandma’s nourishing soup and felt better with the first spoonful? Ok, maybe it was a soup that your Dad cooked but the effect would have been the same.

Jo Formosa on soup cleanses on Today ExtraThe fact that soups can also have a cleansing effect is a bonus and avoids some of the normal willpower issues that you might face if you were water fasting for a day or two.

One thing I teach my clients is that you don’t need actually more willpower. You need a smarter gut. This is why you can be smart in other areas of your life, such as in your career or personal life, but still not able to change how you eat. It is not a personality flaw. It is a gut bacteria flaw and, with a little help, that can be fixed.

When you reset your body with two days only consuming soup per week you make the first step to giving your digestion the chance to get smart. It’s like a gut rest and a gut reset all in one. Give it a try yourself and I can guarantee you’ll feel the benefits.

As it also happens to be Body Detox month at Back2Health Clinic, we’ve made seven delicious (and cleansing) soup recipes available for you to put to the test. You’ll soon see that two days a week of ‘soup fasting’ can be both sustainable and worthwhile.


You can watch the full segment on Today Extra here.

Here’s what was discussed.

    • What a soup cleanse is
    • The benefits of soup cleansing
        • Rest for the digestive system
        • High nutrient absorption
        • Vitality
        • Weight loss
    • The downsides of overdoing a soup cleanse
    • Benefits compared to juice diets
        • Lower cost
        • No insulin spikes
        • Higher fibre intake
        • Opens internal pores for higher nutrient absorption